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Kayla Frank.

Hi there, I'm Kayla and I'm the founder at Frank Creative Consultants. 

With over a decade working with businesses across industries, I've enjoyed building some beautiful brands and solving business challenges with smart, straightforward marketing and advertising solutions.

It's not just in our name, it's who we are. We are always frank and transparent, and have a very natural collaborative process with each of our clients.  We are your partners, focused on what we can do to impact your brand and bottom line.  We want our clients to feel as if Frank is an extension of their own team.


 We won't waste time running through drawn out powerpoint presentations. We will find innovative solutions together, and you'll have a team to focus on actual implementation of real creative and strategy that will make a difference. 

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Shaina Frank

I'm Shaina Frank, a social media manager extraordinaire, a therapist, and a clinical director of a 30+ therapist group practice. My journey into the mental health world began during my pre-grad school days when I first dabbled in social media as an intern. This experience ignited my passion for leveraging social platforms to promote mental health awareness.

After earning my license in 2019, I fully embraced the creative side of the business, infusing fun and positivity into our practice's online presence. From crafting engaging therapist bios to showcasing our mission and values, I've found joy in using social media as a window into our culture.

Now, I offer my expertise in crafting evidence-based content tailored to unique specialties and audiences. With me managing your online presence, you can focus on serving clients and growing your practice, confident that your brand remains relevant and resonates with both therapists and clients alike.


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